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A Jumpsuit Love

Jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers – call them what you will – I have a not so secret love for this one piece item.*

I seem to have inbuilt jumpsuit radar; I can sniff them out in a store where you would least expect to see them, I see them EVERYWHERE online and I turn a little green if I spy one on someone in the street. I think this love stems from my childhood, where my favourite clothing item as a kid was my hot pink overalls that I wore at every.opportunity.I.could.get. (I also had the same pair in blue, which shows you how far the obsession went…)

There is just something about this one piece that appeals to me and with the endless styling options a jumpsuit is pretty much appropriate for any scenario and any season- A day at the beach? Check. A romantic dinner date? Check. A corporate work outfit? Check. I’m also a big fan of the fact that there is no age limit for this youthful piece – a gal in her teens and a woman in her 40’s can pull of this look (provided they have chosen appropriately of course…)

A Jumpsuit Love

For today’s Jumpsuit look, I have decided to style a more corporate/work-esque look; I love the idea of wearing a sleek black jumpsuit to work, paired with a severely tailored blazer and a pair of gorgeous patent pumps. Grown up yet youthful and playful at the same time – is there any better combination?

*I feel it important to point out (again) that although I loves me a one piece, overalls DO NOT COUNT and are not on this gals list of acceptable one piece options. 8 year old me would surely disagree but thankfully this is not Back to the Future and I do not have to relive that fashion (and I use the term loosely) trend. 


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