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All The Other Kids With The Pumped Up Kicks

I recently treated myself to a pair of fancy kicks. I was considering getting another pair of trusty cons but as soon as I saw this Michael Kors pair, I was in shoe love.

I first spied them in an email update and would go back to check them out many times over the next few days, as I was a little unsure they were for me yet lust had definitely set in.

I finally decided to share my crush with some friends, and their initial reaction was one of confusion and disbelief, for these are very very fancy for what is essentially a pair of sneakers.

But, sometimes a gal has got to treat herself with something that is both lovely and impractical and these kicks are it.for.me. A little bit of suede, a little bit of gold and a lot of cool, i am very happy with my purchase and the little feeling of excitement that still comes when i put these bad boys on.

Favourite outfit with the kicks to date? Well actually today i daringly wore my kicks to work with my new “potato sack” camel dress, a pair of tights and my favourite Moochi cardigan which drapes in the most perfect of ways, and this outfit has risen to #1 in the ranks. Im avoiding my boss at all costs for fear of footwear reprimanding, but feeling oh so good anyway.

As one friend commented on my instagram pic “these are outrageous” – i have to agree. Which I have decided is the point.

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