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Aotearoa Aroha

I am proud to call New Zealand home and even prouder of the fashion that comes out of this beautiful country. While there are a few bigger labels and designers that are well-known internationally (Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker and Zambesi to name the obvious few) there are many (many) more designers known within the NZ/Australian community that are making a name for themselves, at home especially, but are also slowly but surely popping up more and more across the globe.

Quirky, cute, edgy, grungy, ethereal, pretty are all a few of the words that spring to mind when trying to define the NZ look (so, undefinable then?). From Huffer who epitomises hoodies and casual comfort to Stolen Girlfriends Club who are edgy with a little bit of loveliness.

I don’t go home that often, but when I do, I head straight for the shops I know and love, where more often than not I’ll walk away with that one item I’ve been searching for for months – the cutest pair of shorts for the beach or the PERFECT Saturday lunch to bar dress.

Shopping New Zealand designers is like taking a deep breathe of fresh air: relieving, refreshing and oh so delicious.

I was going to make up a set of some of my favourite NZ pieces at the moment but as that would take f.o.r.e.v.e.r (oh the choices) and as I want to get this post out before 2013, I have decided just to feature a few of the pics from the designers themselves.

Brooke Tyson


Karen Walker

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Madame Hawke

Juliette Hogan

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