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Boy meets Girl – a tomboy outfit

Boy meets GirlI’m going through a bit of a tomboy phase a the moment – boyfriend jeans, baggy tees, kicks and sneakers. Comfortable and easy, which is sometimes so needed when getting dressed in the morning. But the look can be too much if you aren’t careful, and at the end of the day I still want to be recognisable as a laydee. So I like the idea of adding a touch of girlyness to the tomboy look, just to keep it balanced.

Be it through a pink lip or curls in my hair, the mixture of boy meets girl when it comes to my outfits adds a fun element to getting dressed.

The look I’ve created here is not really suitable to the current temps we have here in Brisbane, but is the epitome of what the boy meets girl look encompasses, and what I would like to be wearing to represent this style.

For the “boy” part of the outfit: Starting with these Rag & Bone jeans, I love the leather “tuxedo” detailing down the sides and the options the white denim gives with the rest of the look.

When I think of tomboy, I immediately think of Nom*D, one of my favourite NZ designers. I have been a big fan of their t-shirts for years now and was rather disappointed when I found out that they don’t make hoodies anymore. This t-shirt is probably one their most well known, with the recognisable skeleton image. And of course the bagginess is very tomboy-esque.

While writing this post I sent out a tweet saying “I have a kick obsession” which I realise could be taken in many many wrong ways, but of course we know I’m talking about sneakers. Not so much a fan of the wedge heeled sneakers – when it comes to wearing kicks, I want them to be comfy and I want them to be flat. These Lanvin metallic-trimmed sneakers are a great neutral colour without being too boring.

And now for the “girl” injection. I recently bought myself these Karen Walker bow earrings, after years of lusting, and to say they are my favourite.things.ever would be an understatement. If the stems weren’t so long, I would sleep in them. A pop of lip colour from Tom Ford and a purple Valentino clutch finishes the look off quite nicely, even if I do say myself.


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Rag & Bone white skinny jeans
345 AUD –

Lanvin lacing sneaker
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Valentino genuine leather purse
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Mulberry leather jewelry
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Silver jewellery
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Tom Ford coral lipstick
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