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Candid Photography

I have recently fallen a little bit in love with the art of candid photography. I love the unassuming nature and the way moments and emotions are captured in an honest, unforced way. I think the loveliest photos are those when the subject least expects it and is in fact unaware that a photo is even being taken.

Obviously some situations require controllable elements within the photography, fashion shoots being one of these situations, but I have noticed a trend emerging, particularly in fashion bloggers, of candid fashion shots featuring stylish everyday women and men in their natural element, i.e. their everyday lives, when they are least expecting a photo.

I have also seen some gorgeous fashion shoots with a candid photography theme that brought a whole new element to advertising clothes. While not exactly unexpected and spontaneous, these shots are less posed and are somewhat more relatable, which in turn, allows the clothes to be feel more attainable.

Whether for fashion or just for life in general, candid photography has a certain loveliness and realness that appeals to my sense of what is beautiful.

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