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Celebrity Style

Sincerely Chic – From Day to Night

I love this look from Julia at Sincerely Jules: the skirt is gorgeous with its sequin details and colours and the unexpected pairing with a casual tee and sneakers gives the look a casual yet chic and refined flavour.

I thought it would be fun to recreate this look and then to also switch it up with a change of footwear, a tailored blazer and a pop of lip colour for “a night out” look, while retaining the essential elements of a feature skirt and a casual tee.

Sincerely Chic - From Day to Night

Having a look that can seamlessly go from day to night with some quick and easy changes is one that every lady needs, especially with Summer fast approaching and beach to bar days reestablishing themselves into daily life.


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Nicole Richie: A Style Crush

Nicole Richie has come a long way in the past ten years – I’m sure she shudders more than anyone when looking back at images of old – and has now solidly secured her place in the fashion world, both through her own style and that of her clothing lines “House of Harlow” and “Winter Kate”.

I would describe her look as “Boho-Chic” with a distinct element of glam – flowing skirts and headbands are definitely still a feature but a long dress now has an asymmetrical hem line or her headband will have an cute sparkle to accompany a formal dress.

This style is very evident in her Winter Kate clothing line with strong prints and bold colours being the main feature of most of her pieces. Coming in close second to her fabric choices is her obvious love of the loose and flowing, circa 1973 but thankfully updated for 2012 in a more chic and flattering interpretation. She also seems to have found the balance with her silhouettes and shapes – a wide-legged romper is complimented with a strapless top half; a long maxi dress has a high low hemline – following the “fashion rule” of showing some but not all.

She is just one of those celebs who seems to always look stylish – whether she is in a LBD or a pair of boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket. And the fact that you can emulate this style through her (somewhat affordable, depending on who you are) clothing line is a delicious bonus.

Nicole Richie; a certifiable celebrity style crush whose wardrobe I would happily make my own…

“Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; its a creative outlet in many ways.” Nicole Richie.

Celebrity Style

A Style Crush: Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles seems to be one of those celebs who flies under the radar but who has such effortless style and chic that it is surprising we don’t see this lady out and about in our media more often.

I think the term “effortless style” might be one of the greatest compliments given to a lady. I’m sure there are many people working behind the scenes to complete the entire ensemble, however Solange just looks like one of those gals who throws on a little bit of this with a little bit of that, then steps out the door looking, well, like she does.

Bright colours, quirky fabrics, unexpected accessories all make up the elements of Solange’s looks, then paired with a strong splash of lip colour or a statement hair ‘do, all of which just looks so her. A girl can easily lose herself in this day and age of choice, trends, accessibility and expectation, so its refreshing to see a celeb embrace their style and uniqueness in a way that is a little bit unexpected but a lot lovely.

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A Certain Uncertainty

One thing that is sure about this weather we are having at the moment is that there is no surety. And these blustery warm wet cold days call for a gal to be prepared when stepping out the door.

Of course we would never let a little thing like the weather (said with utter disdain) get in the way of a good time, so armed -legged and footed?- with the right layering, a bag full of goodies and a go with the flow attitude, we are ready for Mother Nature and her best attempts at showing off her skills.

Using the ever stylish Olivia Palermo as my muse, I have created my perfect outfit for a day of Certain Uncertainty. A pair of skinnies, comfy flats and a jacket for when it gets cold, this outfit is ready to take on the day, whatever it may bring.

My obsession with all things military doesn’t seem to be abating, especially not when a style can be this versatile – dressed down a la Olivia or following in Sincerely Jules‘s footsteps and dressing it up with a pretty dress and strappy heels. Luckily for my emotional stability and my wardrobe, this is one style that seems to be here to stay.

Side note: I had a look in mind as I was planning this post and then whilst browsing through my blogroll for the day, came across this pic of Miss Palermo wearing exactly the outfit that was in my head… I LOVE when that happens.

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A Stella Crush

I recently read an article in the UK Marie Claire about which talked about Stella McCartney finally finding “acclaim in her own right, after years of wrestling with her famous name.” I think it must be a generation thing (i’m an ‘83 baby) but to me this lady isn’t synonymous with her famous dad and The Beatles; rather I think of her solely as a fashion designer and have to be reminded of the link between her and The Beatles. McCartney to me means fashion designer and clothes

I am more drawn to her collection for Adidas which has been nurtured through my love of tennis and Caroline Wazniake however as I get to know Stella and her style better, I am sensing the beginning of a clothes love affair that will flourish and be nurtured for a long time to come.

A Stella Crush