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Colour Me Yellow

My love for all things military is well documented (here and here and here) but running in a strong second place is a slight obsession with the colour yellow. My absolute favourite hue is definitely a mustard colour but I would never turn away from a bright sunshine or a duller amber tone.

If I had to wear one colour for the rest of my life (does anyone else play this game with themselves?!) and military green was not an option, then yellow would be my very next choice. Ok, that is a lie, it would be my very next choice after black. But you get that idea that yellow is high on my list of colour choices.

In fact, one of my boards on Pinterest is dedicated to this love affair and I wanted to share some of my favourite pics from the board with y’all. From fridges to dresses to pillow cases, there is no limit for my love of this colour, which can brighten any room or bring pop to any outfit.


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