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Comfortably Girly

After a day of hiking in the sun on rocky, muddy trails; getting sweaty, dirty and hot, there is nothing more delicious than coming home to a hot shower and then settling in for a relaxing night.

Now while wearing comfortable clothing is my priority, I inevitably get the feeling that although I’m probably going to bed soon and that I don’t have to face any humans for the rest of the night, I would like to put on something that is a little, well, pretty. Obviously a tee and a pair of shorts or even my pj’s would be more practical and lets be honest, are the epitome of comfort, there are certain times in a girls life where practicality is thrown out in favour of a little bit of prettiness.

Comfortably Girly

So on Saturday night, after a luxuriating shower, I turned to my wardrobe to look for something that would be Comfortably Girly. A look that would be the perfect balance of comfort and pretty.

I started with my boyfriend jeans which are the perfect amount of soft and loose and can be styled to suit any occasion – a bbq, a night out with the girls, a dinner date. I wanted something a bit lighter to compliment the jeans so pulled out a sleevless blouse, which is light and flowy, with a little bit of neckline detail to keep it interesting.

I added my cameo earrings for a bit of accessory love (ridiculous I realise, as I was more than likely going to be asleep within the hour) and sat down with a gin and tonic (really, the very best of drinks on a hot night) to paint my toe nails in a romantic pink, and enjoy the feeling that comes from a day of being active in the sun.

The perfect look  to end a perfect day.

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