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Ethereal Elegance

I absolutely adore this picture: the loose dress, the light cardigan, the loose curls, the bike with a basket, the bay in the background, the setting sun. This, to me, is the perfect representation of all that I love about Summer and Spring.

I have spent a lot of time absorbing the beauty that is this photo.

I specifically love how the look she is going for could suit so many seasons depending where in the world you may be. A cardigan and tights for those cooler nights, a loose dress for those hot days, the peek of a boot at the start of Autumn.

I’ve put together my version of this look with an end of summer feel in mind. Those times when you’ve been out adventuring in the sun but as the day starts to wind down, as the sun sinks a little lower in the white/blue sky and as the temperature gives you a little respite, you need just a little something warm and soft to keep you from thinking about anything other than how amazing life is. I’m imagining sitting beside a bonfire on the beach, drinking red wine and listening to an acoustic guitar as the waves crash in the background.

Also known as joy. 

Ethereal Elegance
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