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Fashion: An International Language

Last weekend, I went with Dotty to the driving range. Now, golf is not my thing. At all. But I’m happy to tag along behind himself while he whacks at a few golf balls.

I was intending to just sit in the sun, take in my surroundings and provide moral support and comedic relief. However, when we were in the club house picking up the clubs and balls, I noticed a Dutch Marie Claire newspaper magazine. Sold.

After a quick flick through, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t need to read Dutch in order to enjoy the magazine. The joy was in the clothing items featured and while I’m sure the articles had some interesting things to say, the length of the magazine and items featured where the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon at the golf course.

I didn’t have a camera with me, just my phone, but I snapped a few of the stand out highlights anyway so forgive the (lack of) quality with the following pictures.

Some highlights:

  • The mustard coloured cinched dress: I love dresses that are multi-seasonal and I can just as easily imagine this dress with a pair of boots and a leather jacket as with a cute pair of sandals and a sun hat. It is also the perfect colour for my mustard addiction.
  • Girlfriends eye make-up – the gold on the inner corners with some smudged blue to contrast and compliment. Gorgeous and do-able.
  • The pretty blue jersey; I’m on the continual hunt at the moment for jerseys that will be both warm and stylish. This ticks both of those boxes.

Living in a country where English is the second language obviously has a few challenges but I’m glad to say that appreciating fashion magazines isn’t one of them.

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