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Girls dressing for Girls

I have been working on this theory for a while based around the idea that a gal is more likely to choose clothes based upon what other gals/friends would like rather than what a/their man might like. I call this theory “Girls dressing for Girls.”

If Dotty and I are out and we see a particularly sylish looking lady, we decide whether or not she is a “girl dressing for girls.” (NOT in a judgemental manner, more from an observational view point) What this means is she is wearing an item/s that another girl would die for but that a boy Just.Wouldn’t.Get. I’m sure every girl has a couple of these items in their wardrobes; those pieces that have different edge lengths, that are really baggy or sack-like, a fabric colour that is vibrant and loud or a pattern covered with hearts or skulls.

I discussed this idea with a friend, and she agreed on the concept, saying that if she allowed her boyf to dress her, she would be in a skin tight mini dress everyday of the week. I know I’ve tried on and bought items that my man would say “huh?” to, but that I know everyone one of my girlfriends would love, gush over and borrow/steal.

In order to explain this concept a little more, I’ve put together a venn diagram of items that go under the heading “girls dressing for girls: and beside it the equivalent items that the boys would choose were they given choosing power (which they aren’t. Practically ever. That whole “don’t see the bride until she is walking down the aisle” gag? It stems from not letting the man choose the dress).

Girls dressing for Girls

Admittedly there are some items that cross into that middle zone- I know there are some men out there who can appreciate a pair of boyfriend jeans on a lady or there are some items that a gal would choose that also happens to be something their man would choose, so these items have been put into the neutral territory. I’m also aware that the “girls dressing for girls” side of the diagram is a lot more indepth as we have a lot more variety in our fashion preferences and that the boys side is a little (read: a lot) generalised and somewhat based around boob-tubes, mini-skirts and leather but you get the idea.

I would love to hear if you are aware of this phenomenon and what items are currently residing in your wardrobe that fall under the “girls dressing for girls” category and what items you have that fall under the “dressing for a/my man” category.

In the meantime, check out some of my examples of the G4G theory, using images I’ve taken from the current Fashion Week looks and the Venn Diagram I made up using the goodness that is Polyvore.

Girls Dressing For Girls                    Eye Candy for the Boys

Disclaimer: I’m very aware that not everyone is a size 6 catwalk model, so the above clothing examples are not necessarily wearable examples of my theory “Girls Dressing For Girls” but I wanted to bring in a little bit of the recent Fashion Show images that are on display around the interweb.

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