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in my bag

If I was a handbag carrying gal – which I’m really not (on the way to a festival recently, a girlfriend panicked and stopped me to ask if I had forgotten my handbag; pulling my lipgloss from my boyfriends shirt pocket and pointing to his wallet as my money source, I assured her I was all set) – this is the handbag I would carry today and these are the accessories you would find filling up said bag.

This gorgeous Michael Kors Hamilton Tote would be a lovely place to start, I love the colour, the option of two handles and I love the size – big but not overnight carry bag big.

The first thing to go into my bag would be a bottle of water, this bottle is a Bobble bottle that filters your tap water. I very rarely go anywhere without water on my person, a habit that I picked up living in hot and humid Brisbane.

Next would be my Lucas Papaw Ointment, the perfect remedy for dry lips or hands – this ointment is amazing and I will definitely be stocking up when I next head home. Quickly following will be my Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Nude Shimmer, to give my mouth a bit of colour and shine througout the day, and these gorgeous Chloe Tamaris Metal Aviators would help keep out any glare, making sure I have my protection case in there as well.

My HTC Android and my Apple iPad both well protected in their Candy Shell and Bottega cases would make sure I was in communicado for the day, as well as keeping up with my polyvore and pinteresting.

For my cash and cards, I’ve chosen this cute little wallet by Mimco. I love the relaxed look of the leather with the big brooch style Mimco tag.

And to completely fill up my tote with accessories, I would need a pen – my favourite pens are coloured ink pens, these ones from OfficeWorks and a notebook in case I have any ideas, thoughts or journalling to do throughout the day.

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