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Last Minute New Years Love

We are still a little bit undecided about our plans for New Years Eve – we know all the elements that will make up our night; champagne, fireworks, eats, friends, music, getting dressed up but we have decided not to make any set plans, we are just going to go with the flow and let the night unfold.

The getting dressed up part is obviously going to be a fun way to start the night and I don’t think it will be until we walk out the door that I will make a final decision but in the meantime I have had a LOT of fun styling what I would wear if I had access to The Worlds Wardrobe.

Last Minute New Years Love
I have been eyeing up this divine Bloque skirt from All Saints for a while now – the sequins, the colours, the detail and it seemed a natural choice to start my outfit.
Not to tame down the sequins, for that would defeat the purpose, but to continue the glamour without taking away from it, these suede Louboutin Boots seemed like the natural next choice – their thigh high length is also a bonus as the skirt is quiiiiiiite short, and if you can’t wear Louboutin on New Years Eve, when can you?
This Rick Owens black knit long sleeved top brings the look together with this gorgeous belted shearling, again from Rick Owens, for a little bit of Winter lush.
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