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Menswear – A Wardrobe Update

So, I’m well overdue for a menswear post which is great because I like styling for the lads almost as much as I do for the laydees.

We are in that tricky season where it is bitterly cold outside but absolutely stifling inside, so the balance of layers is somewhat of a science. Also, taking into account the fact that most men go shopping very rarely so purchases need to be diverse and multi-seasonal/occasional.

Sticking to solid basics is an obvious choice, however I’ve tried to go a outside of the expected with these items and am focusing on either solid basics with stylish accessories or turning the normal on its head, through colours and fabric choices. I have put together three looks for himself that are a mixture of casual and dressy, knowing that the items can be interchanged and are appropriate for work, going out for dinner or a beer in the winter sun.

Menswear - A Wardrobe Update

While shopping for the lads seems like it would be a lot easier, afterall how many tops and pants combos can you get?!, sometimes a plain tee and jeans isn’t going to cut it. Luckily men of today take a lot more pride in their appearance and most are open to just about all possibilities, including a purple checkered shirt or a scarf with a tiger print… Right boys?



Look One:

BURBERRY BRIT button down shirt
205 CAD –

Ksubi Chitch Od Jet Black
185 CAD –

Camper 36611-001


Look Two:

62 CAD –

Griffin Leather Biker Jacket
590 CAD –

Nudie Jeans Co. Thinn Finn Org Dry Sulphur
210 CAD –

Clean Casual Boot
260 CAD –


Look Three:

1,510 CAD –

POLO RALPH LAUREN Slim fit chino
190 CAD –

110 CAD –

95 CAD –

*The featured image is taken from my Pinterest board “Lads Look Book“.

** I am submitting this post for an IFB Project “Menswear for Everyone”. Click here for more info.

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