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Men's Fashion

Menswear – A Wardrobe Update

So, I’m well overdue for a menswear post which is great because I like styling for the lads almost as much as I do for the laydees.

We are in that tricky season where it is bitterly cold outside but absolutely stifling inside, so the balance of layers is somewhat of a science. Also, taking into account the fact that most men go shopping very rarely so purchases need to be diverse and multi-seasonal/occasional.

Sticking to solid basics is an obvious choice, however I’ve tried to go a outside of the expected with these items and am focusing on either solid basics with stylish accessories or turning the normal on its head, through colours and fabric choices. I have put together three looks for himself that are a mixture of casual and dressy, knowing that the items can be interchanged and are appropriate for work, going out for dinner or a beer in the winter sun.

Menswear - A Wardrobe Update

While shopping for the lads seems like it would be a lot easier, afterall how many tops and pants combos can you get?!, sometimes a plain tee and jeans isn’t going to cut it. Luckily men of today take a lot more pride in their appearance and most are open to just about all possibilities, including a purple checkered shirt or a scarf with a tiger print… Right boys?



Look One:

BURBERRY BRIT button down shirt
205 CAD –

Ksubi Chitch Od Jet Black
185 CAD –

Camper 36611-001


Look Two:

62 CAD –

Griffin Leather Biker Jacket
590 CAD –

Nudie Jeans Co. Thinn Finn Org Dry Sulphur
210 CAD –

Clean Casual Boot
260 CAD –


Look Three:

1,510 CAD –

POLO RALPH LAUREN Slim fit chino
190 CAD –

110 CAD –

95 CAD –

*The featured image is taken from my Pinterest board “Lads Look Book“.

** I am submitting this post for an IFB Project “Menswear for Everyone”. Click here for more info.

Men's Fashion

Men’s Fall Fashion

Coming straight on the heels of my Fall Fashion post last week is my Men’s Fall Fashion Look. Thanks to the inspiration of Pinterest and my Lads Look Book board, I was able to easily find a look that I think most men can carry off, for when you get down to it, it is really oh so simple: a smart jacket, a button down shirt, a pair of trousers and a scarf.

Easily interpreted to suit your own personal style this is a look for any man – interchange a smart t-shirt for a more dressed down look or matching pants with the jacket for more sophistication.

The scarf could be the feature (and I loves me a scarf on Dotty in the colder months), but I think the jacket is the main attraction here – a smart blazer or coat is an item that all men should have in their closets (for other wardrobe ideas, check out my post on Wardrobe Staples for the Boys) and is one of those items that should be a splurge rather than a steal.

Men's Fall Fashion

Fall can be as much fashion fun for Men as it can be for Women –  a new coat, some great boots, a pop of colour – and is a great chance to show off a well put together outfit before hiding it under those winter coats.

Tell me lads, what is your favourite Men’s Fall Fashion clothing item for the colder months?

Shop The Look:

Men's Fashion

Pinterest for the Boys

Dotty recently joined the world of Pinterest (he was inspired after helping me with my Pinterest Series) and is obviously instantly addicted. Its fun checking out what he has been pinning – his pinning isn’t different to mine at all in that he pins the stuff he loves, it is just the content that is a little different. I’ll pin shoes, he’ll pin cars. I’ll pin a cute mirror, he’ll pin a bbq. That sort of thing.

My favourite board of Dotty’s however is his “Duds” board where is he putting together his very own style file. From leather jackets to shoes to whole coat-pants-shirt looks, it is interesting to see the different things that are catching his eye and that the style he is choosing for himself is exactly how I would style him as well.

I took an instant liking to this particular look from his board – a perfect Spring/Summer casual look (but not stubbies and jandals casual – if you are from NZ, you will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. If you aren’t from NZ, count yourself lucky that you don’t know what I’m talking about) that is well thought out but not too thought out. A casual pair of shorts, some layering, a striped feature – this is a well dressed man.

Recreating was a little challenging as there just aren’t as many online websites for the men but it made me get a little creative and cast my online shopping net a little wider.

Pinterest for the Lads


I started with this long sleeved striped t-shirt from Country Road – a good slim fit and paired it with these Acne ‘cheslyn’ shorts that are the perfect length and looseness. For the jacket, I went to All Saints and found this Solar hooded jacket that keeps the look interesting and fresh with the hood and pocket detailing.

I know Dotty is NOT a fan of boat shoes, so wanted something that was casual but not something my dad would wear and found that in these Esprit canvas sneakers. To add a bit of style and colour to the look, these Tom Ford “Henry” sunglasses worked in perfectly with this Andersons woven leather belt, the tortoiseshell arms complimenting the mahogany of the belt.

A great Spring/Summer look for a day on the lake followed by a bbq on the beach at sunset.

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Wardrobe Staples for the Boys

I’m going to get in big trouble for saying this, but sometimes I liken influencing (read: telling) Dotty’s wardrobe as a trial run to one day dressing up my babies. I get to see looks I like, alter them to suit Dotty’s (read: mine) tastes, search the items out and reap the glory of my man looking good. Winning all round. And all of which I plan to do with our future children.

I find that as I get deeper into this world of fashion and blogging, I am appreciating men’s fashion and trends almost as much as women’s fashion. I like the fact that a man has a definite style and look that he can pull off. I like that different types of boys suit different types of clothing. I like that the fashion choices for men are broadening and that looking good is becoming more of a priority.

And as with women, as fashion trends come and go, I think there are those definite staple items that every man should own. The basic items that make up the wardrobe and that are paired with the fashiony stuff to complete the look.

I have put together a list of the Top 10 Staple Items that I Think Every Boy-Man Should Own. The list is in no particular order and can be applied to any type of man with any type of style. The items selected are multi-seasonal, year-round type items. What I mean by that is I haven’t put boardies on there nor have I put a woollen coat. Some of these items are straight forward enough and some I have given elaboration to.

  1. A good pair of jeans. This first item is a goody because it can be tailored to suit the boy – skinny, straight leg, vintage, slouchy but a must have in every wardrobe.

  2. A pair of kicks – those shoes that a man will put on when going to the pub on a Sunday.

  3. A dress shirt that isn’t a business shirt. Dinners, parties, a night on the town – a shirt that fits well, can be worn dressed up (with slacks) or down (with jeans) but doesn’t look like he has just left the office.

  4. A hoody sweatshirt.

  5. A leather jacket. (I especially like this look on Dotty when he pairs it with his hoody.)

  6. A good pair of “dressy” trousers (slacks) that fit well (length and waist – if you need to, pay to get these taken up, it will make all the difference)

  7. Dress shoes. Not “suit and boot” dressy but dressy enough to go with that shirt at number three.

  8. A good pair of sunglasses – add instant factor to any outfit. They don’t have to be expensive but probably shouldn’t be picked up from the petrol station on your way to the beach.

  9. T-shirts. Without rips. Or stains. I’m sure every boy-man would agree that you can never have too many t-shirts, but I’m sure every girl-lady would like to encourage quality over quantity.

  10. An accessory – be it a hat, a cuff or a man-bag, I think it’s important for the boy-men to show off their personal style and an accessory is the PERFECT place to do this.

Style is going to adapt/ trends are going come and go (and come back again – are you sure 80’s fashion?) with both women’s AND men’s fashion but with a few basics up your leather jacket sleeve, you should be set to suit whatever your mood or whimsy may be.

(Disclaimer: Most (read: all) of the images have been chosen with Dotty in mind, so interpretation is over to you for your man. He is my muse after all and this is my blog)

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Polyvore for the Lads

Dottys Casual

When I first started playing on Polyvore, I would share my sets with Dotty. As I was learning the ropes, it was easier to focus on fashion that appealed to me, but it didn’t take long until I was ready to broaden my horizons and have a tutu with some ideas for boys, namely creating a set for my man.

This set was created with a casual theme in mind but also with the idea that the basics could be taken into a night look by swapping out the jersey for a jacket and maybe a change of footwear.

I started with this great pair of faded grey jeans from PRPS Revolver – I like that there is a little bit of edgy detail through rips at pocket corners and fading at the knee, but it isn’t too over the top. I was playing around on the All Saints website (pretty much my favourite online shopping store at the moment; oh how I wish they had a store here in Amsterdam…) and continuing with the grey theme went for this cool Contraire Crew tee which ticks all (my) the boxes in a man’s t-shirt; a print that isn’t too in your face and no legible/obvious text. The fact that it looks a little worn/vintagey is an added bonus.

For the warmth factor of the outfit, I considered adding some colour but decided this was going to be easier through some accessories. So back to All Saints, I love that this Abre Zip Throughcan be worn with the zip open or closed (LOVE the double breasted style zip) and that the cashmere fabric makes it a little dressier/more interesting than your average boys jersey. From the front, the neck area looks like it would be a hood but upon closer inspection, is a gathered collar that adds another element of interesting.

To give this outfit a bit of life, I went for this gorgeous (but manly… definitely manly babe) Stephen Schneider Registration Scarf in yellow and paired it with these Sperry Topsider Shoes, again going for a yellow tone to bring the whole look together.