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A Moose On My Finger

Statement Jewellery.

Wikipedia defines a statement as:

A kind of expression in language (linguistics)

A declarative sentence that is either true or false

I kind of love both these descriptions but felt they needed a little adaption to suit my fashion blogging needs:

The Worlds Wardrobe defines a statement as

A kind of self-expression through clothing, jewellery and shoes

A declarative look that you love and know to be true

Statement jewellery is gaining a rather large presence in fashion circles at the moment, and what I love most about it is that you can adapt and use the trend to absolutely suit your style/budget/personal tastes. There is literally something for everyone, be it an ostentatious, bright, blingy skull hanging off your neck or a more low key but none-the-less statement-esque measuring tape ruler ring adorning your finger.

I love the way a piece of jewellery can add instant “glam/chic/down and out coolness” to an outfit and there only seems to be one rule at the moment: more is more.

I decided to gather some of the more interesting pieces I have seen floating around on the net lately – pieces varying in price from “one in each colour” affordable to “you want me to pay how much to wear a moose on my finger?”

London Threads Making a Statement

Some of these pieces are more tame, like the Karen Walker Robot Necklace and some are your definite “out there” pieces like the Galibardy rib cage ring. But rest assured, no matter what your style is, you can be sure there is something out there that will suit your statement needs.

(Luckily, for those Kiwi wahine/ladies reading this post, my good friends Kate and Ange at London Threads have got your “I want a moose on my finger” needs sorted.
Check out their new online boutique website, where all their items have been “carefully hand-picked after many an afternoon spent trawling the famous Notting Hill and Spitalfield markets.”
Sign up to their mailing list and they’ll keep you posted on the latest London fashion. They’ll even give you a $20 voucher to spend if you get three of your friends to sign up!
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