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Outfit inspiration


Layering with The Worlds Wardrobe

Depending on where you live, layering can be the key to a successful day or night out. And as I loathe being cold, I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to planning an outfit that can take on all weather conditions.

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Outfit inspiration

Sailor Stripes

Sailor Stripes

I love this look from Leandra Medine of ManRepeller fame. What is essentially a plain striped tee has been given an element of flair when tied in a knot and paired with the high-waisted pants and sandals.

Stripes seem to be one of those fashion items that you can’t go wrong with and this dressed up look is just another option for the classic staple. Continue Reading

Outfit inspiration

Wardrobe Thief

The looks I am loving at the moment (and that I would happily steal had I access to the wardrobes of the world…)

so cozy.

Even though it’s 29 – 32 degrees here at the moment, I LOVE the draping and cosy look of this cardigan, especially when paired with a plain white tee and leggings. Autumn perfection. Continue Reading

Outfit inspiration

Running Motivation

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, having stylish and functional running gear will always be successful in getting me out the door for a run. We have been going through a spell of sunny but cold weather so the idea of hitting the pavement is a whole lot more tolerable than heading out in the rain.

I’m well overdue for some new running shoes so I though I would put together a whole look at the same time. I’ve had a lot of good gear in my time and a lot of bad gear as well, so I know what I like when it comes to the different elements of my running outfit.

Running Motivation

Shoes: I am very faithful to Asics when it comes to my running shoes. I recently bought some Nike free’s and while they were cute looking and colourful, I just didn’t get the support that I get with my Asics. This particular pair is Asics Nimbus, which are perfect for my feet and running style. I recommend getting the sales person to analyse your feet and running style in order to get the very best pair for you.

Tights: Adidas know how to make a good pair of running tights and this pair is made in collaboration with Stella McCartney which is a bonus.

Tee’s/Singlets: I’ve been a fan of the nike singlets for a while now – they are functional with dri-fit technology and have the right amount of style for a running singlet. (The “right amount of style” being a little bit of ‘something’ while still remembering that you are just going out for a run..)

Bra: I have never tried a Lululemon running bra before but the description for this particular bra describes exactly what I am looking for: “This little number was designed to keep our ladies on lockdown when we’re running our hearts out.”

Socks/hat: Again, Nike have been very good to me in the sock and hat department. They have good technology with their fit and have good sweat wicking properties.

Layering: I love the look of this Lululemon merino pullover – Canadians are OBSESSED with Lululemon and while they make really nice workout gear, it all has a really nice price to go with it so I haven’t actually bought anything from there, but if I did, this pullover would be my choice. Merino for warmth, a longer back to cover up my butt and mesh panels for breathability.

Watch: Polar have great technology with their watches, synching to your heart rate monitor and allowing you to track your results and progress. They also have a few colours to choose from allowing what could be a rather manly accessory to take on a feminine touch.

So during these colder winter days and nights, when the pull of the couch can be stronger than the pull of the running buzz, treating yourself to some new running gears may be all the running motivation you need to get out that door.



Run Pitter Patter Pullover *Merino Wool
155 CAD –

Activewear top
66 CAD –

11 CAD –

NIKE mesh hat
99 CAD –

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Outfit inspiration

Keeping It Casual

A quick look for a sunny Sunday afternoon. This is one of very few looks that I have created around something I actually own! I introduced these kicks a few weeks ago and am still very much in shoe heaven whenever I put these bad boys on, so I thought it would be fun to style a look around them today.

This is the kind of look that is easy and effortless and perfect for the weekend when you are hanging out at home or are out and about but don’t want to look too casual.

Keeping it Casual

To say that I have a love for Ksubi jeans is a little bit of an understatement. They are my very favourite denim brand and I still have a little tinge of regret for the pairs I carelessly discarded years ago. This is a classic pair of super skinnies in dark blue that can be matched with just about anything. I have paired it with this chic Lasercut Leather Top from Tibi that is just a little more interesting than a plain white tee, with its leather fabric and black and white feature pattern. Continuing with the leather theme, I couldn’t go past this DKNY Leather Sleeved Twill Parker. I love the contrasted sleeves and of course the army green colouring. To finish off the look and to encourage the sun, I chose these Prism Havana Mirrored sunglasses.

Keeping it Casual on a Sunday afternoon.

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Outfit inspiration

A Skiing Balancing Act

Dotty and I have been spending a lot of time on the mountain lately which has been great, it is pretty much the reason we moved to BC to have that much access to skiing – but it doesn’t allow for a lot of choice when it comes to fashion.

I will choose warmth every day of the week over looking good while skiing and have been working with my current red/black combo for a while now but felt a change was needed when Dotty commented that he likes my red jacket as I’m easy to spot and he feels like he has ski patrol chasing him around all day. Ahem.

So while fashion choices are a little limited and while keeping warm is always going to be my TOP priority, I have put together a look that I feel better represents the fashion side of skiing. Bearing in mind that comfort, practicality and most of all warmth are the most important considerations when on the mountain, I have to say this is one outfit that ticks all of the boxes and balances looking good while keeping warm.

A Skiing Balancing Act



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* Don’t you love Victoria Beckham’s outfit!? All white, aviators, Chanel poles and her midriff showing – I’m not sure she follows the same “warmth is key, fashion is incidental” philosophy as me…

Outfit inspiration

All The Other Kids With The Pumped Up Kicks

I recently treated myself to a pair of fancy kicks. I was considering getting another pair of trusty cons but as soon as I saw this Michael Kors pair, I was in shoe love.

I first spied them in an email update and would go back to check them out many times over the next few days, as I was a little unsure they were for me yet lust had definitely set in.

I finally decided to share my crush with some friends, and their initial reaction was one of confusion and disbelief, for these are very very fancy for what is essentially a pair of sneakers.

But, sometimes a gal has got to treat herself with something that is both lovely and impractical and these kicks are A little bit of suede, a little bit of gold and a lot of cool, i am very happy with my purchase and the little feeling of excitement that still comes when i put these bad boys on.

Favourite outfit with the kicks to date? Well actually today i daringly wore my kicks to work with my new “potato sack” camel dress, a pair of tights and my favourite Moochi cardigan which drapes in the most perfect of ways, and this outfit has risen to #1 in the ranks. Im avoiding my boss at all costs for fear of footwear reprimanding, but feeling oh so good anyway.

As one friend commented on my instagram pic “these are outrageous” – i have to agree. Which I have decided is the point.