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Outfit inspiration

Outfit inspiration

Wardrobe Choices – A Poll.

This is a different post for TWW but I’m really hoping that those of you reading will enjoy the change up and fill in the poll, because I really am very curious.

Generally speaking, we spend most of our awake/clothes wearing time at work. 35-40 hours a week, give or take. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time – two days on the weekend and depending on your work schedule, a couple of hours a night – for ‘non-worky’ type clothes.

So my question/internal debate at the moment is this: Should we spend more $$ on our work clothes as these are the clothes that get the most wear and that we are seen in most often, or should we save our nicer/treat clothes for the weekend when we have absolute choice in what we wear, but have less time to wear them?

Obviously TWW is all about the clothes we would wear if we could, and trust me, there are many MANY items on my wish-list at the moment, but sometimes a gal needs to be practical when it comes to real life shopping, and at the moment the work/home balance for shopping choices is proving to be a tricky one.

So, I would LOVE it if you could answer my poll below… (and send the link on to any friends who have faced this wardrobe choice dilema). Also if you have any comments you want to make about this topic, I would love to hear from you in the comments box!

And of course I will keep you updated on the results as they come in (through my twitter feed @cookie_k_ and right here on TWW)…

Outfit inspiration

Biker Boots

A quick Look Book recreation on a rainy Sunday morning – the type of weather that calls you back to bed with a cup of coffee and a good book.

I love this look for its effortlessness and its style – there is no excuse to not look good even on those days when you reach for your comfiest sweater and a pair of tights. I normally wouldn’t go for biker boots like the ones in this photo, but when paired with a long sweater and some tights, there is a certain amount of edge without being too over the top.

Biker Boots

The entire look has a definite All Saints theme about it so I decided to let their winter stuff guide my choices. These Damisi Boots are lace up, which is a big feature in the photo and are definitely edgy with their ankle cuff, a feature I love. The Panel Crew Pullover is the ultimate winter sweater, made of 100% wool and is a great length, avoiding the “tights as trousers” look which I am seeing more and more these days but which is just so wrong.

Speaking of tights, I would never pay $100 for a pair, but these Lunge Leggings in Black from Zambesi are kinda cool. And with this super soft Classic T By Alexander Wang, the entire look is comfortable and stylish with a little something different.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention my new sunglasses/optical glasses obsession that is WarbyParker.  Some of the trendiest and most affordable glasses around, it almost makes a gal wish her vision wasn’t quite as good as it is… For this look, I went with the Winston Revolver Black, a great dark shape for those grey winter days.

Biker boots and a woollen sweater – keeping it warm and chic this upcoming season.


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Outfit inspiration

Colour Me Yellow

My love for all things military is well documented (here and here and here) but running in a strong second place is a slight obsession with the colour yellow. My absolute favourite hue is definitely a mustard colour but I would never turn away from a bright sunshine or a duller amber tone.

If I had to wear one colour for the rest of my life (does anyone else play this game with themselves?!) and military green was not an option, then yellow would be my very next choice. Ok, that is a lie, it would be my very next choice after black. But you get that idea that yellow is high on my list of colour choices.

In fact, one of my boards on Pinterest is dedicated to this love affair and I wanted to share some of my favourite pics from the board with y’all. From fridges to dresses to pillow cases, there is no limit for my love of this colour, which can brighten any room or bring pop to any outfit.


Outfit inspiration

Fall Fashion

As soon as I saw this picture of Christina Centenera, I knew I wanted to recreate the look and what better time than when warming into Fall Fashion? The short skirt balanced with the blazer and layers? Autumn perfection right there. And then the ankle boots? And the large pendant necklace? I mean.

For me, this is the perfect balance of showing enough skin without showing too much. And the pop of white hanging out is somewhat unexpected but so supposed to be when you see it executed.

Fall Fashion
I went with a bit more colour when choosing the skirt instead of emulating the asymmetrical shape and plaid. A trade off I am happy with when you see the gorgeousness of this All Saints Opium skirt with its almost hand painted detail.

I loved the strong lines of the blazer Christina is wearing, especially the bold lapels and was happy to source this Jean Paul Gaultier Contrast Blazer which is everything and more with the leather panels.

For the small details of the look, these Versace mid-calf boots were perfection in a boot. To be honest, I had initially thought Christina’s shoes were capped toe and it wasn’t until I got a closer look that I realised they were peep toes – a small detail and a mistake I was happy to make when I found this Versace pair.

This Aurélie Bidermann Pachacamac necklace had the right amount of bling and ties in with the gold feature of the boots to finish off the overall look.

A Fall Fashion outfitI for one would be happy to wear. What about you? Any changes you would make?

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Outfit inspiration

Casual Clothing – A Fashionable Uniform

I am due to start my new job next week and I realise that life is about to get a lot busier so this week I have been determined to enjoy some down time. Working on The Worlds Wardrobe, spending time with my kindle and watching some nonsense (ahem rubbish, absolutely rubbish) tv has been the total of the week so far. In other words, a week of casual perfection.

And obviously a week of this kind calls for loose and comfortable outfits; favourite jeans, soft and loved tee’s and drapey cardigans- I have almost been wearing a casual clothing uniform of sorts, simply changing up a tee and a pair of jeans every now and then.

I love the look of a pair of skinny jeans with long layering or tights with a baggy sweatshirt and I can see this being my go-to casual look for the upcoming colder seasons. Putting together these looks was a fun game of mixing colours and prints with classic solid fall pieces that I would LOVE to see in my wardrobe. Until then though, I’m having a good time searching for and styling those dream items.

Casual Clothing - A Uniform

And I hate to admit it, but the recent turn in weather towards a definite Fall feeling couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – had it been hot and sunny outside, then I would have had no choice but to head for the nearest beach, but I knew I wanted a few days of inside luxuriating so the colder temps have been welcome. (I know I know, this is weather blasphemy and I’ll be regretting these words in about 6 weeks time when it is dark and cold and Summer is officially over…)

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Tell me, when it comes to casual clothing, what do you look for?


Outfit inspiration

A Jumpsuit Love

Jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers – call them what you will – I have a not so secret love for this one piece item.*

I seem to have inbuilt jumpsuit radar; I can sniff them out in a store where you would least expect to see them, I see them EVERYWHERE online and I turn a little green if I spy one on someone in the street. I think this love stems from my childhood, where my favourite clothing item as a kid was my hot pink overalls that I wore at every.opportunity.I.could.get. (I also had the same pair in blue, which shows you how far the obsession went…)

There is just something about this one piece that appeals to me and with the endless styling options a jumpsuit is pretty much appropriate for any scenario and any season- A day at the beach? Check. A romantic dinner date? Check. A corporate work outfit? Check. I’m also a big fan of the fact that there is no age limit for this youthful piece – a gal in her teens and a woman in her 40’s can pull of this look (provided they have chosen appropriately of course…)

A Jumpsuit Love

For today’s Jumpsuit look, I have decided to style a more corporate/work-esque look; I love the idea of wearing a sleek black jumpsuit to work, paired with a severely tailored blazer and a pair of gorgeous patent pumps. Grown up yet youthful and playful at the same time – is there any better combination?

*I feel it important to point out (again) that although I loves me a one piece, overalls DO NOT COUNT and are not on this gals list of acceptable one piece options. 8 year old me would surely disagree but thankfully this is not Back to the Future and I do not have to relive that fashion (and I use the term loosely) trend. 


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Outfit inspiration

Hanging On To Summer

Look Book Look Time! I was initially going to create an Autumn/Fall look as fall fashion starts to creep its way in and my mind starts turning to scarves and layers… BUT I’m not ready to turn my back on Summer just yet; I’ve been told that August and September really charms with its weather here in Vancouver so an end of summer look was called for.

The look I have chosen is one of those casual summer must haves: a comfy tee, cut off shorts and a favourite layering top. With this look, I love how these denim shorts and white t-shirt are given a bit of style factor with the long floral drapery.

Hanging on to Summer

I went for a bit more of an interesting denim when recreating this look. I love all things Ksubi and these printed shorts are casual enough for a hot day with a cool print which is really in right now. The Rick Owens racer back tank is about as simple as you can get and is the perfect length for either tucking in (as in the look) or letting it hang out.

For the floral drapery, I initially went in search of either Tigerlily or Zimmerman (both quintessential Australian summer brands) but found exactly what I was looking for from Mara Hoffman. A cute and colourful print with an asymmetrical hem line which I am a big fan of.

To accessorise this summer look, I headed over to my favourite website for all things NZ fashion: Precious Peg. I love the jewellery coming from Stolen Hearts at the moment and this ring and necklace work well together with their mixture of silver and white gold. To finish off the look, I went with a Chloe classic leather hand bag which has the perfect strap for slinging over the shoulder and is the perfect size so as to not overwhelm the rest of the look. And of course because it is Chloe.

Although Fall fashion is on the edge of my radar, Summer is definitely not over yet and I plan to make the most of the hot weather with the perfect summer look.

Shop The Look:

Rick Owens racer back tank top
245 CAD –

Mara hoffman
395 CAD –

Ksubi printed shorts
125 CAD –

Chloé genuine leather handbag
1,085 CAD –

345 CAD –

345 CAD –

Outfit inspiration

From the Lake to the Winery

Last weekend, we had the most amazing three days up in the Okanagan Valley, also known as The Wine Capital of Canada. There is nothing like a trip out of city during the summer, especially with a bonus long weekend thanks to a public holiday. It was our first time out of Vancouver and we can safely say that the area is now at the top of favourite places in BC.

The weather was stunning – those clear blue skies and hot days that remind you of summers from your childhood – and was screaming for beers beside the lake with dips to cool off every 10 minutes, thanks to the 39 degree heavenly temps.

Although doing a bit of nothing was definitely our priority, it would have been rude not to check out some of the vineyards and wineries while we were there. After a day of lounging beside the lake, stepping into the cool showrooms of the vineyards was a welcome relief, as was the wine tasting of course!

Planning what to wear for a day at the lake was easy – a bikini, a hat and a towel, but it was a little trickier when factoring in the wine tasting at the end of the day. And while there isn’t a high dress code necessary, a girl wants to look nice when sampling a cool glass of sauvignon blanc in the luxury of the vineyard where it was made.

So, thanks to the endless choices in the fashion world, I was able to create what would be my dream “From the Lake to the Winery” look, using the Net-A-Porter outfit creator, had I access to the wardrobes of the world.


I absolutely love this bikini from Zimmerman – the combination of floral and ruffles makes this a girly bikini dream. The Mara Hoffman embroidered beach dress is the perfect piece to easily store in a bag and then throw on when needed – the white is obviously the perfect cool colour and the embroidery detail keeping it a little interesting. Finishing off the look with a cute pair of sandals, these K Jacques St Tropez sandals have great colour combinations and are perfect for beach or bar.

The perfect Summer Outfit.