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Winter Boots | Summer Boots aka Mimco Samurai Boots.

Winter boots in SummerI got some new boots today and to say I’m in love would be an understatement. Mimco Samurai boots to be precise. They are black, with a snakeskin leather, studs and a pointy toe. And did I mention I love them?

And to add to the boots love story, they were over HALF PRICE in a summer sale.

So of course I had to create an outfit based around my new Mimco Samurai boots. Well actually two outfits – one for summer, as our current temps hover around 30 degrees; and one for winter because these really are winter boots. I was going to get deep into tights vs sunglasses type accessories with these looks but after I found the dresses, I decided the looks speak enough for themselves. Continue Reading

Stylist creations

2014 Wardrobe Staples

My 2014 Wardrobe StaplesI know it’s been done before and will be done again, but putting together my 2014 Wardrobe Staples was a fun undertaking that spanned a few days and many many websites. You will see that these are not your average, everyday kind of staples because I decided to have a little fun with my pics. Each item could stand alone with some basics but could also work well with each other – the boots with the dress for example? Or the jeans and the blazer? Outfit heaven. Continue Reading

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Wardrobe Thief

The looks I am loving at the moment (and that I would happily steal had I access to the wardrobes of the world…)

so cozy.

Even though it’s 29 – 32 degrees here at the moment, I LOVE the draping and cosy look of this cardigan, especially when paired with a plain white tee and leggings. Autumn perfection. Continue Reading

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Boy meets Girl – a tomboy outfit

Boy meets GirlI’m going through a bit of a tomboy phase a the moment – boyfriend jeans, baggy tees, kicks and sneakers. Comfortable and easy, which is sometimes so needed when getting dressed in the morning. But the look can be too much if you aren’t careful, and at the end of the day I still want to be recognisable as a laydee. So I like the idea of adding a touch of girlyness to the tomboy look, just to keep it balanced.

Be it through a pink lip or curls in my hair, the mixture of boy meets girl when it comes to my outfits adds a fun element to getting dressed. Continue Reading

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Running Motivation

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, having stylish and functional running gear will always be successful in getting me out the door for a run. We have been going through a spell of sunny but cold weather so the idea of hitting the pavement is a whole lot more tolerable than heading out in the rain.

I’m well overdue for some new running shoes so I though I would put together a whole look at the same time. I’ve had a lot of good gear in my time and a lot of bad gear as well, so I know what I like when it comes to the different elements of my running outfit.

Running Motivation

Shoes: I am very faithful to Asics when it comes to my running shoes. I recently bought some Nike free’s and while they were cute looking and colourful, I just didn’t get the support that I get with my Asics. This particular pair is Asics Nimbus, which are perfect for my feet and running style. I recommend getting the sales person to analyse your feet and running style in order to get the very best pair for you.

Tights: Adidas know how to make a good pair of running tights and this pair is made in collaboration with Stella McCartney which is a bonus.

Tee’s/Singlets: I’ve been a fan of the nike singlets for a while now – they are functional with dri-fit technology and have the right amount of style for a running singlet. (The “right amount of style” being a little bit of ‘something’ while still remembering that you are just going out for a run..)

Bra: I have never tried a Lululemon running bra before but the description for this particular bra describes exactly what I am looking for: “This little number was designed to keep our ladies on lockdown when we’re running our hearts out.”

Socks/hat: Again, Nike have been very good to me in the sock and hat department. They have good technology with their fit and have good sweat wicking properties.

Layering: I love the look of this Lululemon merino pullover – Canadians are OBSESSED with Lululemon and while they make really nice workout gear, it all has a really nice price to go with it so I haven’t actually bought anything from there, but if I did, this pullover would be my choice. Merino for warmth, a longer back to cover up my butt and mesh panels for breathability.

Watch: Polar have great technology with their watches, synching to your heart rate monitor and allowing you to track your results and progress. They also have a few colours to choose from allowing what could be a rather manly accessory to take on a feminine touch.

So during these colder winter days and nights, when the pull of the couch can be stronger than the pull of the running buzz, treating yourself to some new running gears may be all the running motivation you need to get out that door.



Run Pitter Patter Pullover *Merino Wool
155 CAD –

Activewear top
66 CAD –

11 CAD –

NIKE mesh hat
99 CAD –

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