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Rachel Zoe. I.die.

Today I was lucky enough to head over to Holt Renfrew, a department store here in Vancouver, to check out Rachel Zoe as she previewed her Fall collection.

To say it was the highlight of my fashion career to date is an understatement – I haven’t been to many events of this kind and it was such a treat to watch the oh so talented (and my favourite of all time fashion celebrities) Rachel Zoe talk about her passion for fashion (I know, it rhymes – stop it.) and her tips and tricks for the upcoming fall season.

My favourite and most impressionable quotes from the day (and there were many – referencing Edie Sedgewick as inspiration!?!) was “I want to design pieces that are on trend but not trendy”. This is definitely a style I try to emulate through my creations and outfit choices – I love the challenge of putting together an outfit that is now¬†while maintaining individual style and interpretation.

Highlights from the looks were the long flowing printed maxi dresses and the absolutely stunning white brocade jacket. I also spied a few winter boots that for the upcoming season.

Rachel Zoe for Fall – the lady knows her stuff.


Although I had my phone with me to take photos, the camera is a little lacking so I have “borrowed” a few snaps of my favourite looks to share how the event went down. Thanks to The Province and Kento Magazine for putting these pictures up!
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