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Rebecca Minkoff

I’m not entirely sure how this has happened and to be honest I”m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I have only just on this very day discovered the amazingness that is Rebecca Minkoff.

How did this happen I imagine you asking!?

And the discovery came completely by chance – thank goodness for my interweb story time (you know where you start on one page and an hour later you are somewhere completely different with only a vague memory of how you got there…) or I might still be in the darkness.

It happened like this: I have a new bloggers crush on the Man Repeller – I love bloggers who are funny/witty and fashion orientated at the same time and Leandra from the Man Repeller certainly ticks all of those boxes. So, a new blog update popped up from said favourite blogger which was a video where Leandra, Rebecca Minkoff and Hilary Rhoda were giving their hilarious expert advice on getting ready for NYFW.

(Check out the video at the end of this post, its fashion entertainment.)

After watching the video, I immediately googled “Rebecca Minkoff” because while I have definitely heard of her, I have never checked her stuff before. And check out her stuff I did. (Another hour flew by in interweb story time).

Previously known mostly for her handbags and accessories, Rebecca released her first Ready-to-Wear collection in 2009 and is now in over 900 stores world wide. I particularly fell in love with her range of said handbags – a gorgeous range of colours and sizes, all made of a luscious looking leather.┬áBut her entire Fall collection is TWW worthy – textured pencil trousers, chunky jackets, feminine blouses all in lush Fall colours of purples, reds and greys.

Needless to say this discover has come just in time for my new job and my first pay day. Although at this stage, it might be simpler for my pay to go straight on my credit card?

(Ahem, what do you think of my soon to be new bag!?)

Getting ready for NYFW with Man Repeller, Rebecca Minkoff and Hilary Rhoda

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