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Recreating Simple Chic

Simple Chic

I was browsing Pinterest the other day looking for looks to add to my look book – the board that is fast filling up with styles that catch my eye – and I came across this image of a pair of bright red jeans paired with a loose white tee and a casual blazer, off-set with a sparkly clutch and a solid gold chain.

This look was immediately pinned as fast as my little fingers could click that mouse and I got to thinking what it was about this image that appealed to me so instantly. The look in itself isn’t made up of the most interesting or stylish pieces but I think as a whole they represent a look that I most like to recreate – simple, comfortable, flattering (a loose top half with a pair of tight pants is one of my all time favourite go to looks), versatile and just so put-together. The white + the red + the gold + the little bit of bling; simple elements that together create an overall look of style.

I had a lot of fun adventuring around the internet finding pieces that I would use to make up this look. I remembered from previous visits to Topshop that there was a great range of coloured jeans there so picked up this pair of MOTO Strawberry Baxter Jeans which were a little duller than I wanted but had a vintagey kick that made up for it.

Over at net-a-porter (my favourite wardrobe dreaming destination) I found this gorgeous Alexander McQueen Extended-back crepe jacket. I love the tail feature and the tuxedoness of the collar, turning what could be a plain white jacket into something… more.

Still at net-a-porter, this T by Alexander Wang racer back singlet seemed like the perfect accompaniement – now obviously ‘any old’ white tee would do but I liked the look of this particular item on the model – the looseness and the shape of the v-neck. And the fabric looks like it would last a little longer than your average $10 H&M tee. (Which is what I tell myself whenever trying to justify spending too much money on a staple item)

For the bling element, it was harder than you would think to find a simple long solid gold chain, so I went back to my favourite jewellery designer Karen Walker for this cute little robot pendant. This gorgeous sparkly clutch is from none other than Jimmy Choo for a glittery finish to this simple but chic look.

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