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Shoe Shopping

I went shoe shopping today.

I spent a glorious couple of hours on choosing shoes that would make up the contents of my dream shoe closet/wardrobe. From pumps to thigh high leather stillettos to ballet flats, I selected any pair that caught my eye and added them to my wardrobe. I didn’t take into account practicality, cost or outfit considerations; it was just a pure unadulterated limitless shoe shopping heaven.

And it turns out I was quite good at this imaginary shoe shopping as I came away with over 30 pairs of shoes that NEED TO GET IN MY CLOSET. And that was just from one website.

Anyway, enough words, I’m going to let the shoes speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Shoe Sudoku



“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
– Marilyn Monroe

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