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Summer Sweetness

Summer Sweetness

I am preparing for my first European winter at the moment – physically with coats, boots, gloves, jackets, scarves, hats and mentally with stories from last winter where the streets were too icy to walk and that what I think is cold at the moment is (to quote) “nothing on what is ahead girlfriend.”

What is making this preparation extra hard is the fact that my friends and family in the Southern Hemisphere are all warming into the delightfulness that is Spring – warmer days, daylight savings, first bbq’s, concerts in the park – knowing the Summer Sweetness is on its way.

Meanwhile I am stocking up on winter tights, am putting in a LOT of effort into finding a good woollen coat and have just bought the ugliest (but very practical) rain protection suit thing for the bike ride into work when the rain is having a laugh (read: that freezing, stinging coming in sideways but stopping the moment you step inside gag).

I’ve decided to cope with the Winter/Summer balance by putting together some of the essentials I would be planning to wear, were I coming into Summer. (I’m also coping by booking our Christmas holiday in Chamonix, France for 5 days of the most amazing skiing this gal has ever known.)

I love the transition into Summer, swapping out tights for shorts; jerseys for singlets, boots for sandals. Each season has its advantages for sure, but if I had to choose one season for ever? Summer you would be my eternal sweetness.

My top 10 pics for this spring/summer:

1. A great pair of wedges (perfect for any event and so easily paired with just about any outfit – a night out with jeans? perfect. a day in the sun with a summer dress? perfect.)

2. A maxi dress/skirt (comfortable and versatile, the maxi is perfect for both day and night – throw on over a bikini for a great day dress or add a leather jacket and some accessories for the perfect night out outfit)

3. A great bikini (I’m loving the balconette bikini at the moment – flattering and practical with a lovely classic style. It can also be worn underneath your outfit as a comfortable underwear substitute)

4. A crochet/canvas bag (a good sized bag to carry all that you might need during the day – phones, books, makeup kits, ipads, sunscreen – this stuff all takes up a lot of room so while not look good while carrying around half your wardrobe?)

5. A pair of denim shorts. (A summer staple that you will pull out again and again – for me, summer is about being comfortable and effortless while still looking good and a good pair of denim shorts will fit this bill every time you put them on)

6. Flat sandals/jandals (for the days when you are mooching around, going from beach to pool to beach again – this particular pair is on the dressier side but still look comfortable with the fabric covering)

7. A hat (every girl (and boy) should have one – be it a fedora, a wide brim sun hat or a cap; as I get older I am getting more conscious about my skin and the effect the sun is having so a hat is the first thing I put on when I’m heading out the door)

8. A loose plain-ish t-shirt/singlet (any colour – great for throwing on on a hot day, worn with a scarf or some statement jewellery pieces for a bit of glam/factor)

9. Blush/lip combo -1 product, 2 uses; need I say more? I love the Bobbi Brown pot rouge for Lips and Cheeks in pale pink – the perfect shade of pink for a hint of colour)

10. A statement jewellery piece, be it a ring, a necklace or some bangles – for those days when the heat is shimmering, the thought of make up is devastating but you still want a bit of style

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