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Take A Bow


I am not, by any means, a huge Rihanna fan. I don’t have her albums (ok that’s a lie, I have one, but I don’t listen to it, honest!), I don’t know very many of her songs (aside from the obvious ones) and I don’t follow her on twitter. But she is perfect for a girls night where you want to get your dance on, or alternatively as a really great running album (I think its that girl power thing)

This song, however stood out to me when I first saw it, not because of the cheating boyfriend she is singing about, but because of the styling in the video. The red jacket, the layering of necklaces, the aviators – it is all just so well put together. The looks work so well  with the setting of the house and the car and they 100% suit the Rihanna that was then.

I decided to recreate these looks, not based upon items I would wear (a lace body suit worn as outterwear isn’t at the top of my list of things to buy) but based up on the looks in the video. A great pair of jeans, some killer heels and a really good colour popping leather jacket.

I think it would be a VERY fun job to be a music video stylist, especially if got to produce looks like these for someone as gorgeous as this.

Take A Bow
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