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I’m fairly new and inexperienced when it comes to polyvore.com, but what I lack in know how, I’m definitely making up for in enthusiasm and joy through use and creativity. It has been so fun tutu-ing* around with the different options available and it’s amazing to see how far i’ve come in utilizing this fantastic tool in just the short 2 weeks I’ve been a member.

At this stage, my creations don’t have a set rhyme or reason – so far I have mostly been planning what i want to wear for an upcoming holiday to ibiza – but as I explore the site more (and explore this blogging gag more), as I learn how to create a concept through images, items, text and pictures, I’m expecting themes to present themselves to me and reason and rhyme to take hold.

Here is a set I created for a lazy Sunday around Amsterdam. My Sundays are usually pretty casual affairs and this outfit would be perfect no matter what the day might bring – shopping at the markets, a beer in the sun or a movie on the couch.

I started with this hoodie from All Saints which I love because of the low cut edging. I then choose a pair of tights, this pair from Stella McCartney for Adidas, as it just doesn’t get more comfortable than tights and that’s what Sundays are all about. Sticking with this comfort theme, choosing a pair of Nike free’s for walking and riding around town and the sports bra, again from Nike gives the support without the underwire. These RayBan Resin Aviators have the perfect aviator/casual balance and the Adidas bag by Stella is perfect for holding my water bottle, wallet and anything I might pick up in my adventures of the day.

*tutu – pronounced (sounds like put) tut-ew: meaning playing around with, exploring…

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